What is AdaptaPASS Learning?


Start by choosing between FAR, AUD, REG, and BEC, then answer a few simple questions. Selections you make about your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences feed into our software to match you with a learning environment most suited to your specific style.


Based on the information you provide about your learning style, you will be given personalized and optimized content in the form of video lectures, audio lectures, or textbooks, followed with customized quizzes and exams.


Your quizzes and exams are used to create a custom overview of your strengths and weaknesses. Results give vital information that automatically updates the content of your particular CPA Review Experience.

Creating a Learning Profile Custom to You

Simply choose whether you will be studying for FAR, AUD, REG, or BEC. Next, answer a few more questions about your learning style. This is the first step in matching content specific to your individualized learning platform.

A small taste of things to come...

You make the decisions which set up what and how you will be studying.

Based on your questions, our software generates a customized learning environment.

Your learning style becomes our teaching style. No more generic review plans!

Your study plan is replaced with an individualized learning platform.

Your Learning Experience Will be Unique

Your learning platform is based on your learning style. Based on your input, a personalized combination of content in the form of video lectures, audio lectures, or textbooks will be created. Our software takes the guess work and wasted time covering unnecessary materials out of the equation.

Everybody plugs in differently... From which method do you learn best?

Watching Video Lectures

These comprehensive videos will cover every aspect of the exam you will need to know. Our CPA Review instructors will give you an in-depth look at the knowledge and implementation of materials you will be tested on.

You will be able to watch, listen, and learn about the content from experts who have decades of experience in helping students pass the CPA Exam. Make bookmarks to come back to, learn from the most up to date information, and have in lecture examples of how content is applied in the real world.

Reading Text Books

Everything you get with a traditional textbook is here, but with so much more! Go at your pace, make notes, highlights, and bookmarks to come back to material. Our digital textbooks make retention and repetition easy.

Best of all is the new advantages of digital text. No more fumbling through stacks of paper or notebooks! With our text books, your notes and highlights are just a few clicks away!

Practical Quizzes

Take unlimited numbers of quizzes on the material you've been studying. The quizzes automatically update based on your learning to stay challenging and intuitive. While the material is customized to you, it still gives the experience of real CPA Exam questions.

Challenging Exams

Take things to the next level with simulated exams for a true to life experience. The CPA Exam is changing and our content changes with it. Your knowledge will be tested with questions and implementation of CPA principles in real life situations. The results of these exams will give vital feedback that adapts your learning platform to meet content areas you need to focus on!

Take Away Study Materials

No matter how you learn, you will get a complete rundown of every test you have taken! View the tested material and see what questions you got wrong. No matter if it is the exam you just took or a quiz from a week or two ago, we've got you covered! See your progress, but leave the adaptation up to AdaptaPass as it will automatically update learning materials, quizzes, and exams to make sure no content is left behind!

Listening to Audio Lectures

This is great for those of you on the run! Listen and study while you work out, brush up during your commute on the train, and listen during your lunch break. We've developed our audio lectures to be second to none and include all the content you will need to pass the exam!

Content That Adapts to How You Perform

Specific feedback the quizzes and exams generate is used to create a custom overview of your strengths and weaknesses. The testing generates vital information our software uses which automatically updates the content of your particular CPA Review.

Improve on Weaknesses

No more guess work after seeing the content you have not quite nailed down. AdaptaPass automatically includes recommended materials to cover areas you need to brush up on!

Implementation of Strengths

Yaeger knows how to learn from strengths as well as weaknesses! That is why AdaptaPass automatically takes into account what is working and implements the successful content into future learning to make sure it keeps working for you!